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    The first 13 verses of Romans chapter 8 provide you with the Mechanical Means to put your sanctified position “in Christ” into practice.  Once you have the effectual working of being “dead to sin” and “live unto God” – and once you have been taught that it is impossible to “live unto God” by putting your functional, sanctified life into practice by keeping the Law – the question remains, How do I “live unto God” in fellowship with Him?  These powerful 13 verses answer that question.  By understanding and appreciating what it means to “walk after the Spirit” under grace and not walking “after the flesh” under the law, God gives you the final components for the power of your sanctified life that will allow for you to live unto Him and produce “fruit unto holiness” that He will accept.  This is God’s own methodology for living pleasing in His sight and leads you to the ‘capstone’ of your sanctified position “in Christ” which is your life as God’s adopted “son.”


Notes associated with this series

*Please note that a review and reexamination of
Romans 8:1-13 was later taught in classes 1774-1780

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